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The most godly kind of baked good in the entire universe. Comes in many different flavors: lemon, blueberry, chocolate chip, apricot, banana, bran, fetus, raisin, cinnamon, oatmeal, and many more!
innocent bystander: "Dag, yo, I needs me a muffin."
muffin man: "Gee, I gotz da best muffinz eva. Gimme money."
by Kitty September 29, 2005
1. a soft, moist, delicious, breakfast (or snack); the best food in the world, not to be confused with "english muffin"

2. Heavenly food
1. "Hey, Tony! Get me a blueberry muffin!"
2. "I will get a muffin one day."
by Urban Dictionary February 09, 2005
codename for marijuana
Pothead #1: Dude lets go bake some muffins after school at my house

Pothead #2: okay
by PwningPanda October 30, 2009
Cutiepie, sweetie.
An adorable person
That little girl is such a muffin, I would just love to pinch her cheeks.
by Catie123456 January 25, 2009
when a girl got big tits
yo did you see that bitch wit those boss muffins
by Anthony Garza November 03, 2006
1. A pothead's way of saying "nothin".
2. Shortened version of mother fucking.
1. Dude: Hey what you doing?
Pothead: Muffin... *laughs uncontrollably*

2. Dude: Hey I just smoked all your weed.
Pothead: You muffin bitch! Now I have muffin else to smoke.
by D-Suicide May 20, 2008
A term used when something does not go your way, you forgot something, you lost something, or can't find something.

Often used as an expression of frustration. Can be substituted instead of a curse word in front of children.
Aww muffins, I forgot her birthday was today!

I can't find my keys! MUFFINS!
by Shark Farts March 17, 2010