A note of sympathy. Usually said in a condescending way. Equivelent of "Too bed for you"
"I didn't win the lottery."
"aw, muffin"
by Chaos Descending December 31, 2003
a really good female friend who is really nice and sweet
She's my best muffin in the whole world!
by jakub January 04, 2004
an affectionate name for a friend or S.O similar to "babe"
hey muffin
how's my muffin today
muffin so good to see you!
by keegee chee February 25, 2015
a chick who likes to flirt and lead you on but never gives it up...
"dude i have been spiting game wit kelsey and i think im gonna get some tonight"

"No your not she is such a muffin!"
by D-crunkk$undisputed August 02, 2009
the word you use as an insult when you cant say fag muffin (also an insult) because of the people around you(i.e. a gay person or a teacher/adult)
*both standing in a classroom full of people and teachers*
bobby:"im sorry i didnt get you a teddy bear for valentines day. here, do you want this muffin?"
becca:"bobby, you ARE a muffin"
by beckaisawesome February 16, 2009
1. (noun) A delicious pastry, often containing fruit and sometimes nuts or chocolate

2. (noun) A sickening pet name used for one's significant other, falling under the same category as cupcake and sugarplum.

3. (verb) To squish out of the top of something; to resemble an edible muffin.

2. Whoosh my wittle bitty muffin pastwy? YOU are! YOU are!

3. These jeans are too tight; my fat muffins out the top.
by Almight God of Muffins January 19, 2009
A cupcake without frosting
Mitch: "Why did you make cupcakes? I wanted muffins!"

Tyler: "Just scrape off the frosting and it becomes a muffin."
by Cup O' Jo October 28, 2015

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