1. a tastey anytime snack available in multiple delicious flavors
2. a slang term for a six foot tall wild beast, namely amanda.
3. a term of endearment
4. a vampire in food formation
1. I had a corn muffin for breakfast!
2. AHH its a muffin! RUN!
3. Aww muffin, I love you!
by Leah322 May 17, 2008
a really good female friend who is really nice and sweet
She's my best muffin in the whole world!
by jakub January 04, 2004
Idiot college freshmen who wrongly believe they can major in pre-physio, engineering, or any other difficult major not suited for the average person. They think they have the mental capacity to perform surgery on someone in the future, but are unable to figure out how to reach the upper floors of a building that has FOUR sets of stairs and TWO elevators that can't be missed. They often conspicuously cheat on exams, copy their lab reports word-for-word from their friends, and expect the university to wait on them hand-and-foot like a five star hotel. In closing, they are as essential to one's nutritional needs as a muffin - they can be done without.
1. I caught a muffin cheating on the last exam I gave. He was blatantly using a note sheet.

2. This muffin asked me how to get to the fifth floor when she was standing just outside the elevator.
by Kill Billiam January 08, 2012
a, or pertaining to, an enormous yet perfectly shaped butt,
a beautiful ass, a badonkadonk, somethin you can set your mug on, requires the use of apple bottom jeans, high quality ass, junk in the trunk
Damn yo, check out the muffin on that girl!
I'd like to take a bite outta that muffin!
Thas one scrumptious lookin muffin!
Is that buttgirl? She got one nice ass muffin!
by Butt Master12 November 28, 2009
A cute girl with small squishy, yet perky muffin like breasts

could refer to a girlfriend or a close girl friend that is used like a cuddle buddy
Nick: this is my muffin
*girl waves*
Nick: i could hug her for DAYZ!!

Caleb: you bragging son of a bitch..>_>
by Nick Stone September 15, 2009
a chick who likes to flirt and lead you on but never gives it up...
"dude i have been spiting game wit kelsey and i think im gonna get some tonight"

"No your not she is such a muffin!"
by D-crunkk$undisputed August 02, 2009
the word you use as an insult when you cant say fag muffin (also an insult) because of the people around you(i.e. a gay person or a teacher/adult)
*both standing in a classroom full of people and teachers*
bobby:"im sorry i didnt get you a teddy bear for valentines day. here, do you want this muffin?"
becca:"bobby, you ARE a muffin"
by beckaisawesome February 16, 2009

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