The muffin is a veritable jack-of-all-trades, being a fluffy baked good able to be filled with a varied and delicious assortment of comestables, including, but not limited to: blueberries, raspberries, crunchberries, razor blades, baby fingers, and jam. ESPECIALLY jam...mmmmmmmhhhh...
Man: Is that a muffin, sir?
Baker: Indeed it is, but you cannot have it! -munch munch munch-
Man: Nuuuuuuu! -fart-
Baker: Ha-ha-ha.
by Slamdarius March 21, 2006
A note of sympathy. Usually said in a condescending way. Equivelent of "Too bed for you"
"I didn't win the lottery."
"aw, muffin"
by Chaos Descending December 31, 2003
A breakfeast food. Can have various smells and Flavors. Are often linked to pancakes. Often served at restaraunts and hospitals for snacks and or breakfast. One of the most popular breakfast foods, muffins are going in people all over the world.
There's a muffin. its like a wanna be Cupcake
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
a very good prostitute
on NJ streets i met a couple of muffins
by candiipaint July 26, 2009
A sweet, tasty little breakfast/desert treat made of thickened bread, and good with a hint of sugar on top. Many different kinds too! You got: blue berry, banana, chocolate, raspberry, cherry muffins, etc...

But not only is a muffin a sweet fluffy treat, it is also a type of bread! Yep, the enlgish muffin! Thinly sliced bread best tasted when toasted.
Me: Who ate the last muffin?
My friend: Me.
Me: You're dead now!
My friend: :O
by Eric :) July 01, 2009
the freakin' best kind of pastry ever made. comes in various flavors like plain, strawberry, chocolate chip, blueberry, cinnamon
strudel, etc.
dude1:hey, dude2! whatya got there ?

dude2:a muffin. its quite delicious
by frosted flakes. April 11, 2009
someone or something adorable and cute

" awwwww look at that puppy! it is such a muffin!"
by muffinator 5000 March 15, 2009
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