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Excessively massive.

Spoonerism of Brobdingnagian.

Antonym: Lanky
Josef was a Brogmodian beast who stuffed himself full of cabbage and vodka on a nightly basis.
by Ilk August 08, 2006
Term used by the East Coast Blue State Liberal Elite to describe Middle (or "Red State") America, which they view as consisting solely of Bible-thumping, gun-toting uneducated gaptoothed yokels who all drive their pickup trucks to Wal-Mart.

Please note the correct spelling...lowercase g, capital A.
"Well Dan, it looks like gomerAmerica has handed President Bush a mandate for a second term. Clearly, the Democratic agenda of abortions and gay marriages for everyone didn't resonate with them."
by ilk December 17, 2004
Slightly raunchier synonym for namedropping.
If you want to indulge in starfucking with Washington insiders, Washington Wizards games are where it's at.
by ilk June 03, 2004
sexual intercourse with a skanky woman, usually while drunk
"That blonde over there in the Von Dutch hat is just begging to be stinkjammed."
by Ilk March 23, 2004
Young attractive woman working on a political campaign.
Jack! may have trouble with his last name, but he's got the best looking muffins on his campaign.
by ilk March 23, 2004
L33t way of saying tennis.
Yo StIgGY, l3t's g0 play s0m3 10s 2nite.
by ilk September 09, 2004

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