A Kitty Cat...
Used in reference to an adorable kitty...

Also see Mow-Loaf
"Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty!!!"
"No, no. Do it like this: Here Mow-mow!!!"
by Samismilexx October 30, 2007
Acronym, noun. Morbidly obese woman. pr: mao.
Did you hear about the tragedy at Billy's 4th of July BBQ? He let a MOW out on the deck and the dang thing collapsed.

Dear god, look at the cankles on that MOW!
by BabySizzle October 22, 2007

mellow, laid back , relaxed
He would go out every morining and mow in the sun.
by Tesivo August 04, 2007
Mow is a form of stupidity, commonly used during a 20 minute phone call in the same room with the person only 3-5ft away, underneath a blacklight (no drugs included)
Person 1: What is WoW upside down?
Person 2: MoW!! i mean mom!
Person 1: HaHaHa
by Froggy July 07, 2004
(v.) Pubic defoliant. Agent orange applied to the patch.
(see Apocalypse Now)
Grab the remmington, I'm goin' Viet Cong on dat biatch cuz it be time to mow that lawn and clear me a landing strip. 747-Heavy cumming in fast!
by D'emon November 13, 2002
To ejaculate in ones' own face while masterbating.
My buddy enjoyed semen on his face so he performed the Mow.
by M. Nemec December 15, 2005
Lazy fucker from #FoCo @ QuakeNet
15:01 <FoCo`Mow> I'm lazy
by xorc May 02, 2005

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