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da way u look right when u wake up in da morning after a long night at da plaza
matt called jill an alienface
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
ok now... dis is the time matt hazan is feeling da need to eat eggs.. or do laundry
i cant i cant play pokaaaa... its omlet time
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
ok lets see hear... its like a regular blumpkin.. but way tighter.. ok you go into the school bathroom with a freaky bitch.. and den you takeshiot in da sink while yo getten head.. dats pretty tight
I hope Ms Holmes doesnt catch me gettin the vince boulanger blumpkin bonanza.
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
ok let this if i get this right... u go to ur friends house wit 2 freaky bitches.. and den one of da freaky bitches puts da peace sign up and goes flimpflopflimpflop on ur penis
Im tryin to get sum regular this at The Plaza this weekend
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
when ur playin holdem.. and u wana see the regular first three caRds
Matt.. hurry up and do da floppy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
da way u say yea when u mean no
u gettin blumpkin dis weekend?... YEE...... i mean NO
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
a really short freaky bitch dat go 2 h20 and dont give no play.
I really hope i dont meet no damn midget on the way to school 2day
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
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