To steal your best friends partner and/or have a root with them.
Particularly relating to gay/bi relationships.
Im gonna mow you...

Im going to mow David's new boy.

Im gonna mow your boyfriend mofo.
by Levi_777 June 08, 2009
Catty or sarcastic immediate reply that could be considered a rhetorical question
Wht mow?!
by Hercolena Oliver December 30, 2008
A kitty like dog.
Hello Mow! Nice to see you again
by wpgirl December 03, 2008
the universal word to discribe somthing that has no word to discribe it... u can use mow in any form .. negative posotive... as an adj. v. or n.
that photo is "mow"

No "Mowing" way

i Mowed her all night long
by shit March 25, 2007
Concerning Paintball: Verb meaning to Aggresivley eliminate your oppnonents.
Damn son, you just got Mowed.
I Mow Fools.
by Zac July 16, 2004
1 : to mow, to cut, to trim, to scythe, to reap, to lay in swaths
2 : to mow down, to cut down in large numbers, to shoot at accurately, to hit with gunfire, to massacre
1. I was going to mow the lawn, but I couldn't because my cat was laying in it.
2. This guy came up to me, and said, "¡voy te acribillar!" and I was like, "what?" and my friend who knows spanish said, "he wants to mow you down," and I said, "who the hell mows down one guy!" and my friend said "apparently he does."
by el tigre pagano June 26, 2003
a kitty cat that gets called fat a lot, but its really just the fuzziness of the belly that makes the animal look fat. Also sniffs walls a lot for no reason and lays on its back with its legs spread open!
That mow needs to close her legs!
by yourmomsaman April 22, 2009

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