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Verb, meaning to eat quickly/aggressively.
Damn, you really mowed that cheeseburger!
by pearlmaj January 09, 2004
To chow down on something, to devour food, to shovel food into your mouth quickly, to eat like a pig.
I can't wait to mow that sandwich.

He totally mowed that pizza.
by Tiffnay January 25, 2010
(n.) Man or Woman
1. Most frequently used as a noun, to refer to androgynous person
2. Can be used as a question from one bystander to another (usually in public), in the attempt to determine the gender of a third person.
1. "Robin's a MOW, and we won't know its gender until it puts on a bathing suit in June."

2. A: "See the person with the shaved head: MOW?"
B: "Uh, I think it's a chick. Stop staring."
by verdandi. February 10, 2009
m'ow (pronounced like meow without the e) is a unique, yet very versatile word derived from the feline species that can be used with many different feelings and emotions.

To be used as a substitute of other words such as "ugh!", "what the f*ck" "dammit", "ahhh" "son of a b*tch"; or to be used as a simply greeting such as "hey, what's up" etc.
One feels extreme relief after a rough day at the office, so they may bust out a "m'ow! I'm glad that's over."; Perhaps they are experiencing confusion and need to express that with a "what the m'ow??!"; m'ow can also be used in situations of extreme comfort and ones contentedness by letting out a relaxed lengthened "mmm'rrrow";

Frat brothers typically use m'ow when talking about food. "dude, I just m'ow'd the hell out of that pizza!"

Lastly, m'ow can be used as a greeting towards friends, either as a way to just say "hi" or throw a "what's up?" at them by adding a ? at the end of m'ow... i.e., "m'ow?". m'ow's with a ? are best when used in combination with a tilt of the head to express curiosity.
by JaBeava Huxtible February 11, 2011
1.A mow has whiskers and fur, a tail and paws with paw pads. A mow is a mammal. It is mowful, and one defining characteristic of a mow is its radiating of mowness.

2. Sound made by a mow. Sounds like "mow."

3. An expression used to convey surprise, pleasure or just having heard a person say something. Sometimes replaces "wow."
1. "Oh! Look at that mow! She's layin' in a basket! That's so mowful!"

2. "Madison! Madison! Move! You're in my seat!"

3. "I ordered a pressure cooker online!"
"Mow! That's awesome!
by Krevency August 12, 2005
Having a kick-ass night with the following places; Movies.Omegle.Walmart.
1. Kaitlin puts the O in M.O.W.

2. DTM? Down to M.O.W.?

3. We gon' M.O.W. tonight!
by Maybe-its-a-MOW April 24, 2011
1 : the meaning of life
2 : sound a cat makes when suprised, annoyed, hungry, excited, or just trying desperately to get your attention
3 : an exclamation used when there is no other to express oneself
4 : a piled-up stack (as of hay or fodder); also : a pile of hay or grain in a barn
5 : the part of a barn where hay or straw is stored
1. I was meditating yesterday, and I discovered mow.
2. My cat came up to me, went "mow," and scratched me in the face. What the hell!
3. So I felt really dizzy, and looked the guy in the eye and said, "mow, man..."
4. We had lots of fun on the mow in the barn, if you know what I mean. ::wink wink, nudge nudge::
5. I don't think our barn has a mow. Damn.
by el tigre pagano June 26, 2003
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