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Mowed, pronounced so it sounds like loud.
To devour, to eat a alrge quantity of food quickly.
"Dude, you finished your grinder already?!"
"Yeah, I was pretty hungry."
Dude, you mowed that shit."
by J.C.S May 12, 2008
Drunk; intoxicated; "mow" being alcohol, resulting in phrases such as "on the mow" (drinking). Hence, "mowed"=drunk.
Wow, that girl is really mowed.
by bela_bat April 27, 2008
the same meaning as pwned, but often used in computer games with large armies.
that force was mowed
by Eterna1 March 21, 2004
To get told; often used in conjunction with the whole "arse is grass" thing.
"Whoa, Fred got mowed up by his mom."
by D June 21, 2004
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