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A male who, at first glance, seems to be a douchebag, but upon further study will turn out to have a heart of gold.
That frat boy's actually pretty Brent. I mean, he hangs out with all of those assholes, but he's a real sweetheart.
by smilepop June 08, 2006
He comes off as quiet at first, but once you break the ice and attempt to get to know him, he's very hilarious in every regard. He opens up and ujses his comedic funniness to promote happiness in a world of chaos. Often a very creative, imaginative, and deep thinker, he's also passionately loyal. He's most likely an Aries, and enjoys poetry. He's one of those guys that makes every girl question her sanity once he opens the door for them.
No, you can't have Brent. He's mine!
by Fruitikay February 02, 2010
A very attractive male who zest for life overwhelms him. He loves to play in many sports, is a wonderful leader, and has a secret passion for singing. His muscles are extremely big, and so is his magic stick. Guitar comes naturally to this citizen, and he serenades all young beauties who are in search of that special someone.
"Brent looks so good with his new girlfriend, Sarah."
"Sarah and Brent seem like their sex life is extremely spicy."
by PricessPeachIsHot April 01, 2009
A name normaly given to the most caring, warm people in the world, these people will make you feel beautiful and always keep you smiling. Sexy 'almost mighty fine' beasts.
Its near imposible to not fall in love with a Brent.
Steph <3 Brent
by heypeoples35 October 10, 2009
A beautiful individual whose hair represents a style all its own and who will do beautiful things and create beauty with everything he does in life.
Damn, that shit is BRENT.
by Melissa Phelan March 27, 2007
naturally charming and sexy! can find his way out of any situation and never lets a homeslice down. Truly cares for the ones around him. =]
That Brent really charmed me with his sexiness, and did you see how he found those alley ways to duck the cops he sure never lets me down!
by chicachicawhoawhoa February 05, 2010
The most amazing, loving, caring, warm hearted, sexy man on the face of this earth, loves johnny cash, jessica bradley, and gettin laid!!
Brent is OmAzInG!
by sugmufftop July 06, 2009
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