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Kind, attentive, real, understanding, hard working, tells you how it is, makes you smile, knows how you like it.
I sat down, had a chat, got a drink, put on a smile and felt right at home. Meeka was there, obviously.
by Machinations August 15, 2011
Meeka - Strong hearted, brave
Beautiful aroma
African origins
meeka is someone who would run through a fire to save you
by daman2013 January 09, 2013
a faggot
to be a faggot is to be a meeka
by 12343 February 22, 2009
a secret slut
oh look at that girl she is such a meeka
by wishespishes July 03, 2011
a faggot
meeka is gay
by 12343 February 22, 2009
strange girl that loves ducks. Has a spontaneous personality that everyone loves, sometimes. She can be funny but sometimes can be full of herself. She's a great dancer and loves to party but can be a little shy. When she gets mad she will come at you, hard, be ready. She has cute looks. When you look at her you think oh she's so cute.
She's so cute, she's probably a Meeka.
by kbops33 July 23, 2015

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