1 : the meaning of life
2 : sound a cat makes when suprised, annoyed, hungry, excited, or just trying desperately to get your attention
3 : an exclamation used when there is no other to express oneself
4 : a piled-up stack (as of hay or fodder); also : a pile of hay or grain in a barn
5 : the part of a barn where hay or straw is stored
1. I was meditating yesterday, and I discovered mow.
2. My cat came up to me, went "mow," and scratched me in the face. What the hell!
3. So I felt really dizzy, and looked the guy in the eye and said, "mow, man..."
4. We had lots of fun on the mow in the barn, if you know what I mean. ::wink wink, nudge nudge::
5. I don't think our barn has a mow. Damn.
by el tigre pagano June 26, 2003
The action of hiding a solo cup in bed before intercourse, the male must harvest the female ejaculate into the cup without drawing her attention. Once the cup is filled immediately get your footing and dive over the girl smashing the cup brim against her face and scream Mow!
Girl: Oh baby I'm about to cum!
Guy: (to himself) I'm about to mow the shit out of this girl.
Girl: I'm cumming!
Guy: Mow!
Girl: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
by isaac philip July 24, 2014
MOW is an acroynm for "Make-Out-Whore". A MOW will meet at least one of these criteria:

1) A chick who does not put out and only exchanges saliva at the bar on a regular basis.
2) A girl who is always making out with random guys, but never taking them home.
Dude, the chick's a MOW. She won't go all the way.
by LaraCroft2011 October 19, 2010
To go through something quickly like beer or food aggresively.
John "Where'd that case go?"
Jack "Oh we mowed through those an hour ago"
John "really? fuck you I threw down for that brew"
Jack "Too bad you were mowing that chick while we were throwin' back"
by Joelcham November 02, 2009
To mow or not to mow is the question?

Mowing has been defined as cutting someones grass, or other wise just wanting to get in there and get the job done.

Generally speaking a nicer way to make your friends aware of your intentions of a sex prospect.
Oh My God, look at him.......i would mow that everyday!!!!
by pocket rocket crockett March 08, 2011
Slang for morbidly obese woman
-Hey, did you see that bbw?
-looks more like a mow to me
by stankasshoe December 19, 2010
Acronym, noun. Morbidly obese woman. pr: mao.
Did you hear about the tragedy at Billy's 4th of July BBQ? He let a MOW out on the deck and the dang thing collapsed.

Dear god, look at the cankles on that MOW!
by BabySizzle October 22, 2007

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