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A mans boobs. Mixed two words boobs and man.
guy: - can i touch your boobs?
girl: - if i can touch your moobs..
by Papag October 09, 2006
shortly, man-boobs. tits on fat guys. jiggly stuff on tha dudes.
check out your dad's moobs!

wiliam has huge moobs. that's because he eats babies. baby-fat is not healthy.
by doodie brothaz July 13, 2006
Our Physics teacher has humungous moobs. Moob is a man boob. His jiggle as he describes gamma rays and we even invented a dance for him.

Yeah! Look hes about to do his patented moob dance!
by bob cheddar July 29, 2005
Abreviation for "Man Boobs", a trait of overweight people.
Guy- Hey loving your moobs

Guy2- Not as much as i love your moms.

Guy- Oh no you diant!

Guy2- Oh yes i did!
by Ben & Jerrys May 09, 2009
An alternate definition to this common term is the chest of a well built man; the well defined and sculpted pectorals of a man, typically achieved with intensive work out.
"Did you check out those moobs? I bet he works out at least two hours a day!"
by M. Hanson November 09, 2007
freakin ugly man boobs...excess fat in the chest area on males
marty has major moobs
by ...Cherry... April 08, 2003
(vulgar) abnormally large mammary glands observed in a male individual that may be a symptom of gynecomastia.

The term's etymology is allegedly a portmanteau of the words "man" and "boobs".
Man did you see Walter's moobs at the pool yesterday; I mean, he looks like an unmilked, pregnant bovine!
by Sanhadrian November 10, 2007