a man who has man boobs
that man over there needs a bra for his moobs
by Devon_Ashlee March 11, 2006
adj. man-boobs : big or small boobs on a usually chunky man.
Did you see the moobs on that guy?
by Anissa Pinedo August 18, 2007
The combination of man and boobs. Usually very overweight men have tities but in rare cases skinny people have moobs too. Recamandations are a bro/the man bra.
The fat asshole Kieth has moobs that jiggle all over the place.
by Trace and Eric June 22, 2005
a man with boobs
may be dangerous
it's normal for them to be addicted to their iphones
also known to be stalkers to other men
stay away!
(Vicktor)walking out the door, there's a huge x-mas tree next to the door
(moobs popping out of the tree)'hey! do you want to go over my house and help me unpack?'
Viktor- 'Um...no....'(walks with a quick pace out the door)
by recbeccaD February 15, 2008
When the mammary tissues of a male become pronounced, usually as a side effect of obesity. Also called man tits.

This is a medical condition called gynecomastia.
Dude, that kid has such big moobs he needs a bra!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
moob -- the breast of a man
Evan was dancing, and his moob just happened to smack poor elias in the face
by goooooose August 19, 2005
man boobs, brasts of a man in which look like a females breast, large and not so lucious
Man look at the moobs on that fatass.
Also can be used as
" Man, did you see the Alex's on that dude."
by Kevon the pimp March 09, 2005

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