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The word used to describe boobs that are found on a man.
The fatty has big Moobs.
by AndthenEVE September 01, 2007
142 18
a man who has oversized breasts's
moobs are what fat people have
by Billy Ralph March 25, 2007
138 14
a man who has man boobs
that man over there needs a bra for his moobs
by Devon_Ashlee March 11, 2006
164 41
a term used to describe man boobs or someone that has man boobs
"check out that guys moobs they're huge"
"there sure are a lot of guys with moobs around here"
by psychotic_kitty December 28, 2005
154 32
defines a fatass man with bigger tits than most girls. Sometimes given as a nickname.
hayden you have huge tits. im gana call you moobs.
by dick chafer May 16, 2009
151 31
when a fat male has such big rolls in the chest area it fools u into thinking tht tht man has boobs

damn, milton is so fat i just might get him a bra for christmas to help support those moobs of his.
by leroy jenkinz November 07, 2007
134 15
A mans boobs. Mixed two words boobs and man.
guy: - can i touch your boobs?
girl: - if i can touch your moobs..
by Papag October 09, 2006
162 43