The word used to describe boobs that are found on a man.
The fatty has big Moobs.
by AndthenEVE September 01, 2007
moob -- the breast of a man
Evan was dancing, and his moob just happened to smack poor elias in the face
by goooooose August 19, 2005
Man boobs or man breasts on an over weight male.
That dude has realy big moobs.
by mick collins April 15, 2008
Our Physics teacher has humungous moobs. Moob is a man boob. His jiggle as he describes gamma rays and we even invented a dance for him.

Yeah! Look hes about to do his patented moob dance!
by bob cheddar July 29, 2005
a man who has oversized breasts's
moobs are what fat people have
by Billy Ralph March 25, 2007
when a fat male has such big rolls in the chest area it fools u into thinking tht tht man has boobs

damn, milton is so fat i just might get him a bra for christmas to help support those moobs of his.
by leroy jenkinz November 07, 2007
defines a fatass man with bigger tits than most girls. Sometimes given as a nickname.
hayden you have huge tits. im gana call you moobs.
by dick chafer May 16, 2009

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