(vulgar) abnormally large mammary glands observed in a male individual that may be a symptom of gynecomastia.

The term's etymology is allegedly a portmanteau of the words "man" and "boobs".
Man did you see Walter's moobs at the pool yesterday; I mean, he looks like an unmilked, pregnant bovine!
by Sanhadrian November 10, 2007
An alternate definition to this common term is the chest of a well built man; the well defined and sculpted pectorals of a man, typically achieved with intensive work out.
"Did you check out those moobs? I bet he works out at least two hours a day!"
by M. Hanson November 09, 2007
Moob - Noun

1. A male breast, usually due to the person being overweight
2. A stupid person


1. The act of moobing can be applied to almost any event
1. "Oh my god Robin, stop licking yout moobs"
2. "Robin you moob"

1. "Robin, stop moobing"
by <-=-DaN-=-> July 12, 2006
the things my old neighbor has a.k.a. a man with boobs shortened: moobs
aj has ginormous moobs!
by Stewart Giligan Griffin June 24, 2006
man titties. usually formed from jiggly fat.
but not necessarily fat. some manboobs come from working out too much.
theyr extremely ugly.
man + boobs = moobs
by nomnom on tuna October 21, 2008
A male person with larger than normal pectoral muscles resembling female breasts.
Hey man, nice moobs.
by Trixie Bell January 16, 2009
a man-boob
that guys has major moobs!
by LEONARDSPARKLES! December 30, 2008

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