to hang out, used to describe any occasion.
yeah, im just minging with my mates.
do you wanna ming over at their place?
man, i was so minged last night, i can't remember what i did?
dude i don't feel well im just gonna ming at home tonight.
by Danny E October 01, 2007
Originates from the word mong, for some one who fails at life to such an extent that they are not even worthy of being called mong and/or are such failures at life that they cannot even spell mong. Another definition is one who has no/little mental capacity and struggles to construct a three syllable word.
Emma: "I am a ming"


James: "hahah, that is the definition of irony."

Emma: "What is ironic? I am so gullible and confused?"

James : "It is ironic, that you were unable to type mong. Does your brian hurt sometimes?"

In this example Emma is a ming.
by swartkat April 26, 2012
To move very rapidly, with great speed.

Derived from the sound a 125cc (or smaller) motorbike makes when you fully open the throttle - thus precipitating rapid acceleration followed by the sensation of great speed or ming(age).
Holy shit, that guy was minging it through town.

I minged it to work this morning because I'd get my ass kicked if I was late again.

Sorry but I've got to ming it, let's do lunch some time.

I was minging it until the goddamn 5-0 photographed my ass from on the motorway bridge.
by h00bie July 19, 2010
An adjective used to describe somthing unpleasant or discusting.
Mary: But it's a bit...
Jen: Ming?
Mary: Yeah...but it's hilarious.
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
verb. to agree happily with
other.also used to break the ice when an awkward time arrives
verb. Q.wanna go throw a hotdog at my neighbor? A. MING?
other. Statement. Im pregnant..........response..MING?
by Matt The D May 20, 2008
ming generally describes someone who is a loser and into books and all things acedemic( goes to after school science and maths lessons ect just for fun) more than likely wears glasses, has greasy hair and spots and tucks in t-shirts ect
"OMG you bad ming stop reading the dictionary"
by B Hughes February 21, 2008
to hang or laze around, doing whatever you feel like doing.
"are you busy today?"
"ohh nahh i'm just minging around"

"so what are tonights plans?"
"why don't we just ming?"
by ohhmygosh January 20, 2008

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