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The Chicago Bulls of the 1990's.
The Chicago Bulls were the greatest dynasty of all time.
by someone1112553 October 14, 2008
a sequence of rulers of empires, cities, civilization etc that follow a line of birth
-The Ming Dynasty

Joe: Hey Bob, whats your subject for the Mapping History assignment?

Bob: I don't know, but in class we've been studying the MingDynasty
by onewhodies November 10, 2010
A group of men based in Staten Island, New York. This organization consists of people predominately resides in the North Shore of the Island. It started off with a little over 10 members and has continued to grow. It is not a gang, but a group of leaders that consider themselves family. (Dynasty means royal family) Majority of the members are Desi (South-East Asian) and are well respected through out NYC. Many have viewed this organization as a brotherhood that is there to make money, protect and take care of each other and their families. The men in this organization are known to be good looking, street smart, daring, intelligent and have a great range of connections <>
"To live free is to DyNasty <>"
DYNASTY: Define Your Nature As Strength To Yours!
"Dynasty is going to be there!, this is most certainly going to be an amazing time!"
"Dynasty is sooo hot!!"
by 1knowitall1 May 03, 2010
1) A series of family members distinguished for their success.

The Goldies from WHS are the greatest Dynasty EVER!
by GOLDIEPRIDE April 02, 2011
Rare English name. Either a boy or a girl, or even neither.
Open-minded and sometimes gorgeous.
Often with groups of fantastic people.
If you see one, don't let them go.
Guy 1: Hey, dude ! You'll never guess who I met !
Guy 2: Who ?
Guy 1: A Dynasty !
Guy 2: Was thon passable ?
Guy 1: Totally, bro.
Guy 2: *muk muks*
by DynaEden September 30, 2014
Proffesional paintball team who plays in and dominates the NPPL and PSP national paintball leagues. Argueably the best team in professional paintball today.
Hey did you see Dynasty roll team Avalanche? It wasnt even a balanced game, Dynasty dominated.
by TonTon April 12, 2005
A family consisting of six or more children than any other family.
The Jacksons are more than just a family. They're a dynasty!
by Jediknight89 November 01, 2011
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