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short for Don't Know
I dunno want "dunno" means!
by Aaron W. December 10, 2002
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It means that someone does not know of something or someone.
"Do you know where you put the remote George?"

"No Thelma, I dunno"
#don't #do not #not #know #no
by Louiegi September 13, 2006
Generally speaking, a short version of "don't know." Can be used for all emotions conected with I don't know, but most commonly for doubt or confusion.
I dunno what to do....
#don't know #uncertain #doubtful #dubious #unsure #questionable
by Kelsuu December 04, 2005
To don't know something!
"I dunno how to spell urban"
"I dunno these people"
#don't know #mind not working #ytd #gfds #fgfgf #trtrtr
by Krazyoverkass April 09, 2007
the answer to every question any one could ever ask a person
how are you- i dunno
whats ur fav colour-i dunno
#no #yes #maybe #sometimes #yup
by kee-yah November 08, 2006
The original definition is slowly being replaced by the grime definition. Dunno or Dunn'no is referenced after or during a saying of which the general public are assumed to not knowing - hence hightening your reputation on the mere basis that you know something others dont.

It is also known as a "big up" or shout out.. "Big up wiley, dunno"
"Dunno the youth... dunno the youth" (pronounced - Dun'No)
"Dunno... Ice Kid" (pronounced - Dun'No)
"I went to see batman the other day" was it good? "yeh dunno" (pronounced - Dun'No) (i.e. you saw it and it was really good)
#don't know #to know #dunno #don't care #big up
by hymzy1 February 17, 2009
A term used when a person has been asked a question and doesn't know the answer. Equal to "I don't know", or alternatively "I don't have anything to say, so shut the hell up".

Often overused by people whose minds do not have the mental capacity, or cannot be expected, to think of something for themselves.

NOTE: Never say "dunno" when you have been kidnapped by a bunch of bearded and smoking thugs. You can promptly expect a hard kick in the balls.
Crowd: Matt stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Matt: Who me?
Crowd: Yes you!
Matt: Couldn't be!
Crowd: Then who?
Matt: I dunno.
#dunno #don't know #know #cookie #jar #cookie jar
by Cookie Expert August 29, 2010
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