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Phrase coined by former Yo! MTV Raps host Ed Lover. Originates from his series of videos on YouTube entitled "C'mon Son," where he highlights and gives his opinion on dumb things that happen in hip-hop culture and the world. Used whenever someone does something stupid, questionable, or just plain over-the-top. Can also be accompanied by holding up a cardboard sign with the phrase written on it.
Kanye West jumped on the stage, snatched the mic from Taylor Swift, and said some dumb shit about Beyonce having the best video of all time. The best video of all time? C'mon Son!
by stop it loser October 07, 2009
An urban pronunciation of "child". Is pronounced like Child but without the D at the end.
I know somebody payin' chile support for one of his kids.
by stop it loser July 14, 2009
A stubborn child, esp. one that exhibits monkey-like traits (e.g. small, agile, and wild)
Get cho monkey ass off the computer and do your homework.
by stop it loser March 03, 2009
An alternate term for the afro hairstyle.
I ran my comb through my natural, threw on my 8-ball jacket, and sat out on the stoop watching the cars roll by.
by stop it loser February 26, 2009
1. A smooth, easygoing experience.

2. Something particularly easy.

See piece of cake
All I have to do is pass this math exam and the rest is butter, baby.
by stop it loser April 15, 2009
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