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An intelligent highly motivated individual, a self starter, bold. A loyal friend and girls love him. One good looking attractive sexy guy that is great in bed. A fun person to hang out with and lives life to the fullest.
Dude that guy i bad ass... he must be a Brice
by 1_2 January 04, 2009
A person that has aboslutely no idea what you're talking about, but will laugh and joke like they do, endlessly.
I know, he's being a Brice
by Duffleton April 05, 2011
The combination on beans and rice, it is beautiful but is an acquired taste.
I had brice yesterday, it was awesome!
by lightbulbmike May 26, 2012
A positive dude who loves to consume canabis and spread good vibes. He can be considered a modern hippe. If you're feeling down he'll probably offer you a blunt and a chance to tell him your problems. Yeah he also likes to rage like a mother fucker! Champion at Beer pong. A cool dude.
"Dude what's wrong?"

"Man I just need to smoke a blunt with Brice and make everything alright"

"Man I am pulling a Brice spreading all them good vibes today"
by Hippe to the max December 09, 2013
A girl who is super sexy, sweet, smart, beautiful, awesome, fun, and worth having around. While some may think she has a guy name upon seeing a Brice one will instantly stand corrected memorized by her beauty. She is a fun outgoing person and everyone likes her although some are jealous of her accomplishments. She does her best at everything she does, and gernerally she is good at everything she does. Almost all her guy friends will fall for her at some point and men follow her unintentionally because of her sexy body, fresh scent, fabulous hair, and her natural slim curves. Every girl secretly wishes they were a Brice.
1) Damn that girl is fine!!! I bet her name is Brice!
2) omg is there anything Brice can't do? She is good at everything!
3) I'm so jealous of her! Who is she?
Oh her? That's Brice.
by Ice4 May 18, 2015
A man-loving faery boy who has long wavy hair and enjoys playing with goats. Bahh.
Brice, stop masturbating the goats!
by Scela November 16, 2004
1) A French slang term to describe a third-rate gigolo. Rather than escort wealthy elderly women, a 'Brice' tends to work the less competitive caravan park (parc de caravane) or bingo (hall de bingo)circuit.

2) A male with questionable sexual tastes.
1) Merde! Camille looks happy today - you wouldn't think it was her 75th birthday. That Brice we paid for must have tickled every bone in her body! 10 Euro well spent!

2) Hey Marty, we've sold out of every issue of Senior Citizens Sex Safari. There must've been a real Brice in last night!
by FastAllen April 24, 2007
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