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An abreviation representing the sexual act of licking someones anus. The 8 represents the anus and vagina, while the 7 represents a tongue.
Dude, last night while I was limbless, I performed 87 on Peggy. In the morning I had some feces on my face!
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
The smallest unit of measurement known to man. Approximately the width of an atom. A mosquito's piss stream is a string of molecules.
Gerald, that scratch on your 1981 Datsun is the size of a mosquitos pee hole, chill out.
by Limblessless August 24, 2006
The Ho Chi Minh of bros, the one by which all other bros are compared
Stefan, I don't have any beer! I bet Bro Chi Minh has some natty in his mini fridge
by Limblessless April 19, 2008
Alternative term for penis. A penis has no arms or legs, just a head, therefore it is limbless
Shananana was scared when I whipped out my huge limbless!
by Limblessless August 22, 2006
Pooping while simultaneously moving you legs like you are riding a bike, due to the intense pain. A synonym of the verb "shitting"
Yesterday when I was biking, my mom knocked on the door and asked if I was alright
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
A common abdominal pain that can occur without warning. The term "icicle" is used because the pain can be described as if an icicle has been violently shoved into your rectum and has pierced through your internal organs, a very sharp and intense, yet quick pain.
Yesterday when I was eating lunch with Antonio, he let out a quick gasp followed by a muttered "ow". I'm pretty sure he had his first icicle.
by Limblessless February 25, 2007
Someone who is wearing pants so tight it is obnoxious. Age is irrelevant.
"Hey Fred, look at that tight pants kid on the bench with his cell phone out! How much you want to bet he isn't talking to or texting anyone?"

"None, but you're probably right Kirk. Those pants are the opposite of Kara."
by Limblessless November 20, 2007
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