the sound or act of a male moving his body forward and back, so that the penis and scrotum come in contact with the gooch and the happy path repeatedly.
Dan and Joe had a contest to see who could ming the loudest.
by Zachary Johnson July 10, 2008
A degradation of the human mind into the bottomless pit of stupidity and utter foolishness, sometimes forming into art, sometimes pure, insane stupidity; nonsensical ramblings of the unconscious mind, or purposeful foolish utterings comprised of mostly of "words" not associated with any language, sometimes mixed in with words that don't really form intelligible sentences
"Hey guys, wanna ming?" "Sure dude, let do it." "Bapid veeport litter grunch punch munchy stunch funk. stamradding laffort griddle... deedort babaddle smenunk brish. My carndle landish sports pack dunk in dunk. Landing mine pish, posh other lateral triangular dictation. Speedish ransom chote swerm. Larzhe mandy smum. Sviddle peeport preeeeeeee-port skander mandle pittly winko janktum. Uttel buttler sit down crack sound laugh pounds rounds jick wack bebuttle."

"That was a fun session of ming. Let's do it again sometime, spint-hoodle crintston."
by Jonathan D October 05, 2007
Another word for shit, predominately used as a verb
Hector: "WHOA, I have to ming really bad"
Lionel: "So your saying you have to lay a dynasty?"
by Limblessless August 24, 2006
Something or someone gross or bad.
Outward Bound...
Abby: I haven't showered for 10 days
Anna: None of us have
Abby: If you're ming and you know it, clap your hands!
Everyone else: <Clap Clap>
by Lii August 13, 2005
A replacement word for marijuana. Usually used when a parent or someone of authority is around and is often personified as a friend.
"Hello Robby, where have you and Dirk been all day?"
"Oh hi Mrs. Johnson, uuh...Dirk and I were just chillin with Ming."
"Ming? Who is that? I don't think I've ever met Ming."
"Haha, well he's a VERY good acquaintance of ours, I'm sure at some point you must have met him (coughcoughlikeincollegecoughcough)."
"I'm sorry what was that dear? Did you say something?"
"Oh, no ma'am I didn't, just got something caught in my throat. Anyway Dirk and Ming are waiting outside. We're gonna go for a walk. I just came in to grab a snack to bring with us."
"Ok dear, you three have fun!"
"Thanks Mrs. Johnson."
by tenfouroverandout July 01, 2005
A fat American white guy without a shirt
"Ew, I really wish that ming would put his shirt on. It's turning my stomach
by Emily Jones June 25, 2005
someone who is minging is ugly...
"oh my god..that dude is ming the in mercilessly minging!!"
by Bunz September 14, 2003
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