(noun) An neologistic acronymisation of 'Mega Intense Nerd Geek'


They are students at High School who are (in the words of a certain MING I know) as clever and cunning as a fox which has eaten a brain pie.

Secretly, underneath it all, they're quite nice people.

NB: The MING can evolve, much in the same way as pokemon (we did say Nerd Geek, didn't we?) into a MINGER when they are Eating Rice. Once MINGER, they will immediately lose all their brains and become an average person, albeit with awful fashion taste and a funny smell hanging around them...
A: Wow, that guy knows everything!

B: Of course he does- that's the class MING.
#minger #mings #m.i.n.g #nerd #geek #rice #eat #lemon
by Mr BlueSockEater February 27, 2010
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A human who possesses limitless knowledge and infinite wisdom. His name sends shivers down the spines of all and may only be uttered under the breath of a whisper. His aura alone makes people shit themself.
<kid> Daddy, I want to be like Ming when I grow up and be worshipped by followers.

<dad> Don't be silly no mere mortal can be as godly as the great and merciful Ming.
by MKL May 12, 2004
A man who barely speaks and has ninja characteristics that feels no pain, and only has one weakness.. his nipples.
Also does any crazy shit he is told to do.
Jam: can i pinch your nipples?
Jam: can i light you on fire?
Ming: yep

Jam: ming whered you get that slurpee?
Ming: found it
#ming #nipples #slurpee #ninja #fire
by priz May 10, 2012
A person who has no talent and little knowledge of the job that they perform.
A totally useless person who only exists by getting others to do his work for him. A commercial parasite.
The new I.T. Manager is a total Ming, he spends all day downloading porn!
by Dr Juice January 31, 2004
The act of molesting someone.
Person 1: I love you ( reaching down random person's pants.)
Person 2: Stop m-ing me, dawg.
#molesting #feeling up #pedifile #pervert #banging #fucking
by Chelsea Rae February 07, 2007
A scouse definition for a friendly insult. Generally can mean geek or looser.
that becca dwyer girl is a right ming
#meng #mong #looser #geek #nerd
by tashmcev May 25, 2011
A word from Bungie.net's off topic Flood Forum quickly growing in popularity. Originally a typo of Mind, and used in the context of "Prepare to have your ming blown," to much hilarious response.

Since then it has been used in place of Mind in "Mind = Blown", as some kind of superpowerful being (OBEY THE MING), and many other strange ways (Ming is Truth. Truth is Ming).

Might have potential for a real meme, or internet phenomena.
User 1: Prepare to have your ming blown!

User 2: Is that what they're calling it nowadays?

User 3: Ming?

#ming #the flood #bungie.net #mind #meme #internet phenomena
by [REDACTED] February 05, 2011
A Opel/Vauxhall Astra of the 1998-2004 era
Why did you get a silver Ming, whats the point in having a car if you cannot see the bugger!
#ming #mingy #astra #vauxhall astra #opel astra
by J. Lowndes August 14, 2006
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