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Also known as camels hoof
by ming April 23, 2003
A verbal shorthand for What The Fuck?!
e: Dude, i just smoked your last bowl.
c: Whaaaaaaa
by ming July 15, 2004
adj. charming, intelligent, beautiful.
Usually used to define a lady with everything to be proud of.
You look really linlin tonight.

You're so perfect, you're such a linlin.
by Ming March 06, 2003
A shape that develops around the genital area on womens trousers when they are too tight.
Usually fat women in ski pants. Urrgh!

Also known as camel toe.
by ming April 23, 2003
Baddie in Superman.
Son of Durrell kneel before Zod!
Zod!Not god!
by ming April 23, 2003
A chubby, quarrelsome, curry guzzling chap who is a burden to himself and those around him. Used to be an market trader who's business dwindled. Hence the name "Les-trade"
"that burden to humanity is a right Lestrade"
by Ming March 20, 2004
god-like being
i pray to ming every night
by ming October 19, 2003

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