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a word that means any thing you cant thing of at the time
fix that mess
you mother messen mess
by momma mess July 07, 2012
someone who eat rustler's burger for breakfast and shagged phycho girl, then went back for seconds
back for sloppy seconds? mess!
by whiiiiil May 04, 2011
Sperm, ejaculation
He messed all over her face! Ew!
by Meowmix36 March 16, 2009
Someone who:
1. Gets ridiculously drunk
2. Gets themselves into awkward situations
3. Becomes clumsy, often spilling drinks, breaking things, being sick everywhere
6. Sleeps for the next two days to wear off the amount of drink drunk.

Often does this on a regular occassion, sometimes earning the title "mess of the month".

People sometimes come together to create a "mess chart" depending on how lazy/how much of a mess the person is
"You were such a mess last night"
"I was such a mess last night!"
"Seriously, you're number one on the mess chart"
"How much of a mess was thing last night?"
by htown language May 16, 2008
Something not do do with Texas.
Don't mess with Texas yo.
by Shwaaay November 16, 2009
Is the genitalia in a male.
"I wish that girl would come over and suck my mess"

"look at it, its just a pile of mess down there"
by Iker99 September 13, 2011
australian slang for slut.
damn that girl is a mess.
by lolzillazz February 22, 2010