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Inebriated state under the influence of alocohol. usually resulting in rediculous behaviour, bad language, dancing, and a refusual to go to bed.
Spec is a mess!
by monkey_16 June 19, 2009
Comes from the South Bay, meaning "to fool around with". Kiss, fondle, make-out, etc.
Did you and Joe mess last night?
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
to induce a state of mind where one has no freaking control with the help of alcohol or drugs
man you were a huge mess last night
by bren August 18, 2003
as in jizm, spunk, man-juice, custard, yogurt, any other I could invent given the time...
i've lost me mess all over me best chuff mag
by zac pro July 06, 2004
1. a confused, dirty, or offensive state
2. to make dirty or untidy
1. You made a real mess of my toilet with your diarhea!
2. If you mess up my hair again, I'm going to kill you.
by King Shit January 16, 2003
obscure abbreviation of MSN Messenger
A: "I'll speak to you about it on mess"
B: "On what?"
A: "MSN Messenger, idiot"
by jolt January 03, 2005
someone who..
1. is intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.
2. doesn't try with their appearance.
3. is really unorganized.
4. is naive.
5. sleeps all day
6. doesnt do their work.
dude, steph's a mess..
i know, she sucks at life.
by jildoe. April 17, 2009