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Misspelling of "diarrhea," a favorite subject of elementary school songs learned on the playground.
(singing) When you're sittin' on the toilet and the toilet paper's gone, be a man: Use your hands! Diarrhea!

(singing) When you're ridin' on your Harley and you feel somethin' gnarly: Diarrhea! When you're climbin' on a ladder and you feel somethin' splatter: Diarrhea! Diarrhea!
by BlastMaster December 30, 2003
spalt splatter iwl its gushy mushy from your tushy
when your sitting in a bush and u feel sumtin squish diarhea diarhea!
ya know when ya east 2 much bad clams and you fart and feel water gush in your pants an your pants start to leak? Yeah i know you know, well dats what it is my ghetto baby's
by Erica F July 19, 2002