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8 definitions by FemmeFatale

To ring a random person's doorbell and run. Hence "ding dong" ditch.
I played ding dong ditch for hours, until I got caught.
by FemmeFatale June 22, 2005
393 184
Female masterbation, involving rubbing the clit.
"I'm so horny, i'm about to rub the nub right here."
by FemmeFatale June 23, 2005
34 12
Someone who takes a dump and totally tears up the toilet! This person usually shows no mercy and will not care what civilians are nearby.
"What's that smell? Aww, dude, you're a toilet terrorist!"
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
23 5
Someone caught up in the rock/punk music scene. Ex. Tight pants, long bangs, eyeliner on males, and those who wear ridiculous looking clothes because it looks "Cool".
That chick looks way too scened out!
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
14 11
A term to describe a hella skinny person.
Dude, that chick is hella twigged out! That's nasty!

Lyndsay Lohan is mad twigged out!
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
5 4
The Norcal word for buff/muscular or "bulked up". Combination of the words beefy and meaty.
Damn, that dude is hella meefy.
by FemmeFatale June 24, 2005
5 9
Comes from the South Bay, meaning "to fool around with". Kiss, fondle, make-out, etc.
Did you and Joe mess last night?
by FemmeFatale June 21, 2005
17 21