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in a manner fueled by a liter of vodka
She loved him absolutly.
by t3hn00b January 08, 2009
n. A word homophonic to the commonly used word "absolutely" , used to indicate use of alcohol while using the homophone as a cover-up so as to preserve complete honesty in answering and to add the element of humor when around friends. Commonly used by middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, workers with a hangover in the workplace, alcoholics attending meetings, drunk drivers and pilots, and nursing home residents. Derived from the well-known vodka brand Absolut, and its homophone in the english language "absolute".
Mother: So, Bridget, what did you do at that party last night?
Bridget: Absolut-ly nothing at all, mom.

RA: Sir, please open your book bag and empty the contents onto the table
Alan: Dude, I don't need to, I've got absolut-ly nothing in there.

Alex: Am I drunk yet?
Ben: Absolut-ly, and I think Dr. Kolena can hear us, these walls are paper-thin.
by Team Benevolence August 14, 2006

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