What Mike Vick does.
Vick was bout to merc on dat fool till he got his wheel broke up.
by DirkOut August 25, 2003
To have casual sex in a bathroom during a party. Typically initiated by the female.
She pulled me into the bathroom, shut the door, and dropped her pants. As soon as she bent over the bathroom sink, I knew she wanted me to merk her.

"Why has Padrick been in the bathroom so long?" "He's merking some random chick."
by Duke L'Orange October 18, 2006
to sigh with being in a state of unsatisfication. to be slightly annoyed. almost vexed. also disappointed
*sigh* ... merk... so unfair
by manda November 17, 2004
a dance that u step in all directions and point ur finger while movin to da beat
ITS SELF EXPLANITORY you is dumb if u kant merk
by FOREVER THE 5 August 14, 2006
to get boyd
cuz u got merkd by that little girl
by ghetto thug snizzle October 29, 2003
When someone stabs someone then hands the knife off to his firend who cleans it
yo come on we are merking that mother
The sound my dad makes when he snores. Now every time we want to say "Dad", we say "the merk-maker."
"The merk-maker's leaving s for his aunt's funeral.
by ufo May 03, 2005

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