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When you see someone who is so fucken stunning and just want to get them in your pants.
Man dude: holyfukenmonkeyballsman check out that chick!
Other manthing: -orgasm- Woah she's soooooo Rio!
by RIO+CONNOR November 01, 2006
"Rio" the most awesome person in the world. If you don't like a person named Rio, no one likes you.
Bob: "Woah, that guy was nice."
George: "Hm, must be named Rio."
Bob: "YEAH, how'd you know?!"
George: "All cool guys are named Rio."

"I met a guy named Rio last night, he was awesome."
by Bite Me 8694 February 10, 2009
Probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Dark haired, Curvy, and has terrific brown eyes. Rio is very caring, and while she may seem rude to others, is wonderfully kind when you get to know her. Boys fall to her feet, but she doesn't make good choices with boys. Plasters a smile on her face, but is really broken inside. A talented listener. She never fails to make me smile. I love this girl with all of my heart :) Doesn't know she's beautiful. Insecure about her looks. Has the cutest laugh :) Isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Unique. A bit of a flirt, but would never cheat on her boyfriend. Just... amazing :)
"I met this girl the other day, and she was perfect! So kind and caring and unique!"

"Oh, that's a Rio."

"How do you know?"

"That's what Rios are like!"
by Laurynn;) December 23, 2012
A girl of unmatched beauty. Mirrors will shatter after she looks into them for they know they will never see anything more stunning ever again so why exist. Rio is sincere and a fierce advocate of her friends. Her eyes are like pools of sunshine and all the boys want to bath in them. Her wit and intellect are unmatched she could have gone to Oxford but she was too busy being a boss. Her smile is breathtaking. She can bake 30 minute brownies in 20. Children trust her. She is more adorable than a kitten in a bonnet. But, most importantly Rio is herself.

Oh and she has abs like Jesus.
Any guy lucky enough to have the heart of a Rio would be a fool to let her go

You aint never had a girl like a Rio

I'd search the world for a Rio
by AristotleLives December 22, 2012
a river or riviera spanish for a river
Those Mexicans crossed the Rio Grande (the border).
by Marc Edenfield September 29, 2007
An acronym which stands for "Rocking It Out" or "Rock It Out". As in having a really good time.
you want to buy some patron and RIO it tonight?
by MRogers June 01, 2010
A compact car made my Kia with 96 horsepower and 98 lbs of torque. They can often be found as the prizes inside cereal boxes.
(As little Johnny pours his cereal)
"Oh no! Not another Rio!"
by Not Provided May 27, 2005
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