Verb - simply put, the fuck the shit out of a girl.

Manny: yo, so did you smash?
John: did i smash?!?! shit, I MERKED that bitch!!!
by Beantown Joe March 27, 2007
to beat someone up with a gang of your niggas
yo me and my gang are gonna merk u
by teen sensation May 09, 2006
To have extreme style. To be a trend setter. To be the complete package, from the head to the toe.
merk : A female that looks good from the weave to the feet. She must have a great shape and figure in order to MERK

ex. Tamia and Teedra Moses (the singers)MERK

A male must have extreme style and swagger. He must be able to stand out in a crowd in order to MERK

ex. Pharell, Andre Benjamin, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx MERK
by Holly- Dae September 09, 2007
To diss, to intellectually injure someone.
Yo, Anand that midget SOB merked me by calling me a tool.
by Miles April 24, 2004
to 'pak' or hurt someone
don't merk me datz a lytle bit silly
dat boy got merked
he's goona get merked
by dapper December 12, 2004
to steal on a nigga

beat his black ass

knock someone out
that nigga bout ta get merked by ol boy i'm tellin u
by top dogg by tha law November 12, 2004
Bad weed. Shwag, Midgrade.
Poop ass weed.
I got that merk by tha pound.

i dont smoke merk
by ChronicMan420 July 10, 2008
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