A horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE confusing subject with a lot of numbers and confusing symbols, and with questions that make no sense!

Something that does nothing for us in life but confuse us and make us depressed, frustrated and unhappy.
Math = Total Hell


M i s e r y
by Sylva S May 21, 2006
phone number, digits.

mainly used by males to describe the phone number of a female.
"yo did you see that bad bitch I was talking to?"

"yea man, you get the math?"
by StealsyourstereO November 14, 2006
1. Another way to make us feel like total idiots.
2. A subject we all have to learn in school even though we don't need to use most of it in our life.
Teacher: More math.
Students: I don't know shit..


Teacher: Give me the sine and cosine and tangent of blah blah blah.
Students: WTF?!
by .unknown.unknown. February 28, 2010
A load of pointless garbage.

A torture method.
by everyman53 May 03, 2010
Something you don't need to know beyond a 3rd grade level to get by in life.
Little Bobby slept through math every day after 3rd grade. He is now a game programmer for one of the biggest game studios.
by C- C- C- Chris May 01, 2010
Phone number
You know the happenings, homies just yappin' and
Hand shakin', laughin', and exchangin' all they math again
You usually lose touch when you travelin'... -AZ Never Change

At my man's wake, she said the eulogy
After that I usually, bumped into her shoppin for jewerly
Her bodyguard screwin me, I gave her my math
Ain't nothin new to me, blowin backs out, six-pack Stout's
Nas I Am
by The amalamps March 03, 2014
Subject that does have real world applications. Important subject to grasp, however most teachers are boring as fuck about teaching it, making most kids resent the subject with a passion. Simply put, if the teacher sucks, you are going to think math sucks.
Math....Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 05, 2011

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