How people outside of the U.S. refer to mathematics.
Crikey! I bloody hate maths, mate!
by bumbleclot May 05, 2009
phone number, digits.

mainly used by males to describe the phone number of a female.
"yo did you see that bad bitch I was talking to?"

"yea man, you get the math?"
by StealsyourstereO November 14, 2006
1. Another way to make us feel like total idiots.
2. A subject we all have to learn in school even though we don't need to use most of it in our life.
Teacher: More math.
Students: I don't know shit..


Teacher: Give me the sine and cosine and tangent of blah blah blah.
Students: WTF?!
by .unknown.unknown. February 28, 2010
A load of pointless garbage.

A torture method.
by everyman53 May 03, 2010
maths stands for mathematical anti telharsic heptoses septonim. it is basically the language of numbers, with 1 meaning hello, 2 meaning the etc.

all mathematical calculations must exist between absolute 0 and the largest number possible. mathematicians think it is about 100 billion, but some think there may be even larger numbers
maths can be used to solve many every day problems, such as the optimum time to enbark on a conversation, or planning your trajectory to work.
by eeeeeeee September 11, 2007
Something you don't need to know beyond a 3rd grade level to get by in life.
Little Bobby slept through math every day after 3rd grade. He is now a game programmer for one of the biggest game studios.
by C- C- C- Chris May 01, 2010
Shit you learn in school that wastes your time because you will never use it again. Shitty education system, so fucking inefficient.
Teacher in a Trigonometry class: How many of you are math majors?

1 out of 36 students raises his hand. Thanks for wasting everyone else's time.
by dashizwiz July 26, 2010

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