What you do if you have a Beautiful Mind
Math can damage your health
by Not-so-bo-ri-ng September 30, 2003
The study of things that are pointless.
2+2=who gives a shit about math
by grgreenhut@Gmail.com September 13, 2007
Satanic torture used by teachers. Invented by satan himself. Math stands for "misery and tiring hatred"

It's just a bunch of fucking numbers! Why would we need to use this? fucking cryptic useless piece of satan-invented shit math is.
Teacher: Okay, we're going to do some math.

Me: Uhh, i have to go to the bathroom.

Teacher: Okay, take a hall pass

Me: *stays in the bathroom the whole class, after all, teacher can't give me detention for being constipated*
by Chazm666 July 22, 2010
really freaking boring
Math is so freaking boring
by Carlos Guatanamo September 04, 2007
One of the core disciplines within science. The major fields within mathematics are algebra, analysis, number theory, topology, geometry, combinatorics, and logic. Math is concerned with structure, space, change, and quantity.
Mathematics requires much rigor for writing proofs. Most people are only introduced to mathematics that does not require such rigor. Mathematics is extremely influential in many fields, and, without it, modern society would not be the same - it would be less advanced.
It is only two weeks into the term that, in a calculus class, a student raises his hand and asks: "Will we ever need this stuff in real life?" The professor gently smiles at him and says: "Of course not - if your real life will consist of flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's!"

Q: What is the difference between a Ph.D. in mathematics and a large pizza?
A: A large pizza can feed a family of four...
by andrecitito September 12, 2011
A horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE confusing subject with a lot of numbers and confusing symbols, and with questions that make no sense!

Something that does nothing for us in life but confuse us and make us depressed, frustrated and unhappy.
Math = Total Hell


M i s e r y
by Sylva S May 21, 2006
An exclamation of extreme displeasure. Derived from the frustrating school subject of mathematics. Used to replace such derogatory words as: fuck, screw, shit,and damn. Often referred to as the "universal pronoun". It can be used to cover a mistake such as cussing in front of your grannie (no one likes to get their ear pulled) --OH fu-- math!
Oops, I mathed up!
I'm goin to go math all over the bathroom.
Dude, math you, you mathin' bitch.
by Biggs November 25, 2003

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