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Not making sense. Completely illogical and insane.
Choosing to get addicted to heroin was most definately nonsensical.
by Alan Thom June 13, 2008
41 3
The opposite of being sensical; senseless.
"You are being totally nonsensical right now."
by JOhnnyPoop. December 12, 2011
4 1
1. Having no meaning or direct purpose.
2.Preposterous or absurd
No one wanted to put up with his Non-sensical sandbox shenanigans.
by boy1002789 December 22, 2007
3 2
Complete and utter nonsense; lack of thought.
The ability to say or do something totaly irrational.
Typicaly used by PostWhores, (PW++), to increase their forum post counts. These are usually found in banter sections. See Governments.
by Psychoman January 06, 2004
1 0