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some one who has jungle flowing through their very bloodstream. lives with it in the heart, their, brain, it is their soul.
beyond that they inhabit a wide spectrum. K/ no K, rasta/ nihilist. but who cares. other than that your feelin the slector, the mc, and the massive.
this is what i feel defines a junglist
its about music and kulture everything else is just icing on a cake than the tongue could ever taste
by aeztek November 12, 2004
a phenyl ring with a 2 carbon chain hanging of that has a methyl group and a nitrogen atom on its end. when released into the bloodstream acts as a CNS( central nervous stimulant) increaseing heart rate and response time while dulling pain receptor, causes the brain to dump dopamine making the user feel good and inhibits erection in men, prevents sleep, and may cause amphetamine psycosis
"i just railed some amphetamines and now i just want to go, anywhere, lests not here lets just go."
by aeztek February 19, 2005
useless term used to turn the mind 's of school childeren mush thus rending them godfearing patriatic slave
my point was proven when you clicked on this word
by aeztek November 12, 2004
something that harshes your buzz. usually when high.
your mother was such a buzzharsh this morning.
by aeztek May 30, 2008
1.synthetic heaven
2. a proton donor
3.my god
4.something hard to find but well worth it
some of us prefer edgey days
by aeztek December 27, 2004
the loogey you hawk up after snorting XTC
oh man i'm going to be coughing up binder balls for a week
by aeztek September 28, 2006
1.that feeling in your belly button that grows and grows until it consumes you

2.its sums are never equal to it's part

3. an event in NoHo mass

4.psycadelic crib toys for catatonic adults
i can't wait till next year's bliss ball.

did you have one of those bliss balls
by aeztek December 29, 2004

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