Top Definition
1. Having a hidden meaning.
2. Secret or mysterious.
3. Using code.
I don't understand that cryptic language.
by Cryptic December 10, 2003
1. hidden meanings
2. women
"my girfriend was being so cryptic"
by lindsay s July 01, 2006
The act of speaking in a cryptic manner.
He needs to stop speaking in cryptics.
by Mercedes August 06, 2004
A taboo beverage which includes human urine and other urea derivatives among its active ingredients.
I was very thirsty, so obviously my first thought was to guzzle a tall glass of Cryptic.
by Galer January 03, 2009
Scary , horrifing , creepy , any thing which has morbid nature
Cryptic is the only way to describe that ugly bitches hair.
by Russel Mendes October 09, 2008
A Flag representing a special place in our society, such as Pete & Pete, Foster Child, tree hair, glasses, and a super duper G-String.
"Hey man, you best rep the cryptic
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
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