Sex with one's hand...what you do if you don't have a girlfriend or she is risk sex...what i do several times a day...beating ya meat...choking your chicken

I once knew of a (fishing) bait store called: Master Bait in connecticut
It's a good thing we don't live in Japan
Because if we masterbate we'd loose our left hand
So we masterbate now, and we masterbate later
And if we meet a hot girl we might try to date her
by scratch dj June 17, 2004
To basically fuck your own hand while screaming such things as "Yes! Fuck yes! Who is yo pimp masta biyach!" Or "Yes! Play with my motherfucking balls mommy. I want you horny badly"
"Hey guys! I can't get a bitch so I fuck my hand at night.. usually right after I eat dinner" other kids.. "Alright.. that's fucked up dude.."
by RecnepS August 19, 2003
guy: when you rub the shaft of your penis untl you orgasm.
(sometimes requires the use of lubricants)
(not reccomended to exceed three times each day)

girls: use of fingers to touch the clitoris
(sometimes requires the use of a vibrator)
andrew uses the fleshlight to masterbate.
by supersimon June 06, 2006
first poping a boner then,
rubing your hand on your dick
in a upwards and downards motion
and then before you come grab your
legs while sitting on a chair in
front of your computer
rub your penis up and down with
your hand while looking at a woman
usually naked or with barley any
clothing on or with a toilet
paper roll
by dibodido February 23, 2004
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