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The complete incorrect spelling of masturbate Since it's a misspelling it means "Being a master of bate" Or perhaps "Master of bait".
Yo yo! This is so phat!!!111!eleven!1 Ahm all foo illiterate and I went all MASTERBAAATE today!!111!11! You go wafsha!!!11!one!
by Surazal February 01, 2004
how dumb people spell "masturbate"
i gotsta ta go masterbate rihgt no!
by meh July 01, 2003
A good professional sounding name to use online or to write down on paper. People usually don't get it til they say it aloud.
Hello. I am Master Bates. How are you?
by MaddiW. November 08, 2008
The way noobs to "Masturbation" spell it.
"Yo dude! Lets go masterbate together!", said the 10 year old.
"Hell yeah!", replied the old man.
by MasterMastur. September 03, 2009
a character in Oliver Twist's name is charlie bates. mr. Dickens thought it would be funny to call him Master.
and hence we have master bates

(in case you didn't realize, it sounds like masturbates.)
"That when the Dodger, and his accomplished friend Master Bates..."
-Oliver Twist
by i. M. Cold April 14, 2010
Masturbation for professionals.
"You spelled masturbate wrong."
"Your masturbation is only amateur. When you do it as much as me it becomes masterbate."
by Niladen August 02, 2013
A tried and true weathered deck hand.

No one pulls sail more than he!
Master Bates, first mate to Jake the Great has sailed the seven seas fer many a years.

Strengths include:
1, finest canon polisher to ever sail

2, a first class sail puller

3, energetic as they cum

Weaknesses include:

1, weak and usually bruised wrists
Aye heard tell that all the wenches love te walk in and catch Master Bates polishing his canon!
by ⚔☠⚔™ September 03, 2014
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