the act of pleasuring ones self, usually while shouting obscenities such as "God yes" or "Get down"
"Everyone likes a good masterbate."
by Greg Satin January 15, 2003

A great way to rock oneself to sleep.
Why is bill sleeping so sound? Did he rock himself to sleep, again by mastering that dam wood.

Why is the floor shaking? Bill, are you masterbateing your rocker to sleep?

Bill really knows how to rock himself to sleep, he's out.
Ya I know, he masterbates that wood rocker.
by blackwaterray April 04, 2011
Going out with Palmela Handerson.
I cant play video games tonight, cause I got a date with Palmela Handerson.
by YA June 03, 2003
Its how you get some action. Usually this word isn't used, but is covered up in a sentance by a group of words. SEE EXAMPLE
1. I'm gonna take Rosy Palm and her 5 friends out tonight. (I'm going to go masturbate tonight)

2. I gotta go choke the chicken/ beat the meet/ play helicopter/ stroke the beast/ walk the dog/ spank my monkey/ check for genital cancer. <- lol
by Mr.Evilguy August 13, 2003
the art and act of pleasing oneself, usually involving some type of porn or elevated testosterone levels
i masterbated so high last week
by el barto January 15, 2003
jack off---- beat the meant
i beat it everyday
by matt April 25, 2003
to feel good
choke ur chicken
by Anonymous July 28, 2003

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