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A Master Bator is somebody who, because of the sheer number of times they have masturbated (choked the chicken, administered corporal punishment to a primate {spanked the monkey}, jacked off, beat off, jerked off, beat their meat, whacked off, played pocket pool, wanked off, etc.), has become an expert at it -- a true master masturbator (or Master Bator).

Works better when written or typed vs. when spoken.
Hozay hasn't gotten any tail in such a long time that he's become a true-to-life Master Bator!!!
by Telephony August 22, 2012
A person who is a 3rd degree black belt in the art of masturbation. A masterbator doesn't need physical stimulation all he needs is meditation to be able to complete his task.
Dude 1: Look that guy is sitting there by himself with the look of extreme pleasure in his face. He's also making weird noises too.

Dude 2: He's a masterbator he's able to masturbate with his mind.

Yak: That's right I am a 3rd degree blackbelt masterbator. No need for women or porn and no getting cockblocked. And look no hands! hahaha.
by DickDonalds1/4pounder December 16, 2009
Common mispelling of the word masturbator.

He was ignorant and liked to chat on-line. Unfortunately, he wasn't going to win any spelling bees; he was a shameless masterbator (sic)....and a big dumbass.
by thesg September 18, 2006
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