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The mysterious force drawn from within that can be coalesced into many forms such as: abjuration, conjuration, evocation, divination, illusion, and necromancy. Can be used to enchant weopons, destroy monsters, commit mass genocide, slay power rangers, make amulets, animate the dead, imbue yourself with holy power, turn people to stone, light things on fire, teleport, manipulate time, artificially inseminate cows, rid the world of its pesky magnetic field, and cause the sun to supernova.
ANYTHING in the irrational universe that WE occupy that CANNOT be explained by SCIENCE can be explained by MAGIC.
by Lord T-O'Power March 20, 2007
a girls ass. also called the magic show
damn, look at that girl's magic show
that girl's got a lot of magic
by salwarrior June 22, 2010
Acronym for "My Ass Got Infected Coach"
Do you know what MAGIC stands for???
by Donzo January 07, 2008
1. (noun): The controlled affectations or coherent observations of the physical universe through processes lacking any operating principles.

2. (noun): A practical application of operating principles so arcane despite not breaking any physical laws, that in a universe of infinite size and duration, one could be assured that they had never been discovered and used before, nor if lost, would ever be again.

3. (adjective): An attribute which indicates that something is fundamentally unexplainable; any attempt to explain it leads to logical contradictions.

4. (adjective): The hallucinogenic attributes of certain mushrooms.

5. (noun): A game played by predominantly sexually repressed male persons ranging from high school aged boys who have never been on a date, to middle aged men who tell themselves they are holding out for the right person, preferably a real live anime furry.

1a. Oh my god, it's magic! Run for your life!
1b. Wouldn't it be nice if they taught magic side by side with physics in public schools and let the students decide?
2. George Foreman's grill is magic. And it knocks out the fat.
3a. Darling, this evening is simply magical. So I guess I probably shouldn't have eaten those mushrooms.
3b. Q: In a town where every man must be shaved by the barber if and only if he doesn't shave himself, how does the barber get shaved? A: Magic.
4. Darling, this evening is totally freaky because I'm so wasted. I'm glad I ate those magic mushrooms.
5. Look at those nerds over there playing magic. Now point and laugh.
by thesandor July 24, 2009
Supernatural forces involved in every living or nonliving thing on the planet. Magic is used by witches, or wicca, an earth-based religion that focuses on being one with the God and the Goddess and treating everyone equally and kindly.
I got this pendant from that new-age store, and I think I'm going to do some rune-magic on it...
by Slink June 16, 2004
Street term for fentanyl, an extremly dangerous sythetic opiod which is abused to get high. Perscription only lolipops which are actually more addictive than heroin. They sell from $20-$60 on US streets.
"You need some of that magic?"
by Shane Senick December 25, 2007
An acronym to account for a sudden departure from the NBA.
My ass got infected coach
by Mike December 21, 2003