An acronym to account for a sudden departure from the NBA.
My ass got infected coach
by Mike December 21, 2003
Magic is a slang term for a mix of heroin and fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate approximately eighty times as strong as morphine. It is an odorless white powder that, because of its strength, is often used to "cut" low-grade heroin to increase potency. Magic, also known as "The Bomb," is an incredibly dangerous type of heroin, and is extremely easy to overdose on.
"Hey man, did you hear that Big Joe OD'd on some Magic last night?"
"Shit man... give me black tar any day, I won't go near that shit."
by ThisIsIrony March 15, 2009
The act of long loving tongue kisses
Boy: Baby, I could really do with some love right now
Girl: Do you want some magic?
Boy: Yes Please =D

*Snog passionately*
by Curlygirly December 18, 2007
A cigarette with the tobacco at the end removed and loaded with cocaine.
Johnny pass me the bag so i can load a magic
by Headhunter420 October 20, 2007
1. having good chemistry with someone

2. referring to Magic Johnson
1. between me and her its just magic

2. Magic was one of the greatest basketball players out there.. too bad he has aids
by Navid May 16, 2005
to be incredibly awesome
I'm friggin magic.
Your so not magic.
by bob September 20, 2004
A (not so) subtle allusion to male ejaculate. Inspired by episodes of popular MTV show "Cribs" where every male celebrity's bedroom would be introduced as "where the magic happens." The word may technically be used in any sense, but is best employed ironically or else the speaker risks appearing sleazy.
"And this is my bathroom hamper, where the magic gets washed out. I find that a very weak bleach solution is particularly effective at removing magic."
by Solomon L April 20, 2006

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