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Turning green happens when you have smoked so much pot and are so buzzed that you start head rushing and feel like you have to lay down no matter what or you will get sick.
Joe and Warren watched as Bill took a huge bong hit of some killer Missouri Spook Light bud and lost touch with reality, caught a killer head rush and passed out . Joe said " Look at Bill that light weight turned green"! Leave him alone he's green. Hit this and turn green
by Vile_420 July 30, 2013
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To become extremely angry very quickly . expressing anger in a violent and uncontrollable manner. it is like saying someone is becoming the hulk figuratively

Dont piss him off, he'll turn green on your ass.

He turned green before the ref could complete the call, now he is suspended for the remainder of the season.
by Phillip T June 20, 2008

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