v- to ingage in any sexual activity with another person
Tonight i am gunna straight up mack.
by Smoketreez April 14, 2009
to mack a person is an unruley way of saying to kiss that person. Its informal register suggests the word's incongruity, however the word mack is an untouched goldmine. It can be used over supper conversations and not make a fiddle of sense to any old people.
"Can't I join your family?"
"No, you can't be part of our family. Then I won't be allowed to mack you."
by aro_hayden June 12, 2007
To chump, and bitch...
Yo go get me a blunt bitch!!

Macked Cha!
by Mr'MPC April 26, 2005
to throw up
Friend 1: "Hey, where's Ted?"
Friend 2: "Oh, he's in the bathroom macking."


Dad: "Carol, your baby just macked all over me."
by urbanwha September 13, 2009
to have a certain x-factor without effort. A mack can also be described as a John Tucker type character whereby he's hugely popular with girls and worshipped by boys.
mackin is the being of a mack.
"Who's that boy that everyone loves...he's a true mack"
by theoneplayerplease October 30, 2007
A switch blade 3 inches or over, probably dirived from the song "Mack the Knife"
Fucking flip the mack smaht!
by Cakephatt June 07, 2005
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