the act of consuming any kind of edible materials/female body parts
Nilou macked chips all night and Nima called her fat.
#eat #consume #grub #feast #starve
by efromdaenc October 12, 2009
someone who is good with the opposite sex, normally a male
your such a mack, the girls just run to you
by p smurf April 23, 2004
Another word for chill or relax.
1.Son i heard you got a STD from that hoe the other night

-Man Mack! who ever told you that shit fucking lied

2. Yo im going to fuck that nigga up if he messes with my girl again

- Mack bruh its not that serious
#chill #relax #fall back #hop off #calm down
by LadyBrooklyn January 26, 2010
Any preliminary foreplay ritual prior to genital coitus.
"I macked her whilst she was inebriated at the party..."
#kiss #sex #grope #girlfriend #fuck
by GlaceFace July 08, 2009
flirtin like a little bitch to try and get some
Spencer so wants Brody to mack on Jenn
#mackin #macking #mackdaddy #mac #macker
by Heidi from the Hills February 26, 2007
A male, usually of the small, gingery, freckled variety, who uses his innocent appearance and mastery of the English languages to woo females, despite the fact that he resembles nothing more than an undernourished red squirrel that is too stupid to come in out of the rain. When his duplicitous nature is eventually uncovered, he lashes out with ineffective character assassinations. A Mack is never a serious threat, because, despite his advanced vocabulary, he still has a weak grasp on the difference between "your" and "you're".
It's a Mack! Quick, beat him over the head with Strunk and White's Elements of Style before he seduces that innocent girl!
#grammer #idiot #ginger #lopsided nuts #ex-boyfriends #homophones
by idonotlikestrippershoes August 15, 2010
you have just searched the maddest dog eva

hey mofo i ran into tha playa himself .... mack
#mack #rave #skate #mad #playa
by mackdogg April 29, 2009
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