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1. preferring someone or something

2. addicted to a drug
One bite of this fudge and you'll be hooked.
by Light Joker November 22, 2006
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When a person (the 'Hooker') starts stringing along someone who they know is romantically interested in them, turning them down while still leaving a small possibility of a relationship (with excuses such as "It's a bad time at the moment"). In reality however the Hooker is really waiting for someone more desirable to become available (with the person on the receiving end being the 'Hookee'). The Hooker may also use the Hookee to enjoy some of the benefits of a relationship (such as paying for nights out).
Dave: So, did you ask Jen out?

Marty: Yes, she said she really likes me but isn't looking to date 'at the moment'.

Dave: Aw man, she's got you hooked!
by WatcherMark April 20, 2012
Junky, drugs dependent
Matteo is hooked to cocaine, but he still thinks he can clear up soon.
by sergio September 05, 2003
When a substance or person has you hooked.
Same as your shirt getting hooked to a lose nail, if you stop and un-hook yourself you will be freed, and dont have to go back to that nail. But can choose to do so at ones free will.
by Eliz in Reno, NV March 07, 2010
To have hooked up with someone. You can also "hook" or be hooking with someone.
Last night Joey Freeman and I hooked.
by trees4life201111 February 27, 2011
Referring to very good traction when racing cars.
My car is hooked in the corners.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
After consuming such a large ammount of alcohol or drugs that one can not be bothered to move, or are so hooked that they could not move if they wanted. Usually results in being stuck in a very uncomfortable position.
I got completely hooked on the sofa last night after those spliffs
by Christopher Stephens May 29, 2007

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