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when someone wish to know something
I wonder who is she /I'd like to know who is she or I feel like who is she

i wonder what they are doing/I'd like to know what they are doing or I feel like what they are doing
by surf board August 13, 2010
A way out of reality that is always forgotten or never goes away
you: I wonder...

*wonder goes away or never leaves*

10 years later....
you: what?
or you:.....Damnit
by 4thumbs September 28, 2009
A Writing/Drawing Group made my a group of insane fangirlish teenagers in Australia.

Created by Kate and Krissy a few years back. Consists of 6 girls (Kate, Krissy, Amy, Bo, Kat and Boo) and one guy, Poor Steve.
Oh my God. You suck at writing and drawing, You're not a Wonder!
by Kate and Boo March 01, 2005
When you stick your finger up your butt hole and smell it. If it doesn't stink then its a wonder.
That girl is so fine. After she took a shit she didn't even wipe, yet she still had a wonder.
by C-Perm June 15, 2007