v. to steal
Usually heard around the ghetto/city areas.
1. Yo, did you see that guy mack the car?

2. alright, who macked my lighter?
by EricaB February 04, 2005
1)to shag someone and then never call or see them again
2)to get in on someone else's woman
1)oh shit here comes jude, i macked her last week, im off to the toilet, don't tell her you've sen me
2)not so funny you macked my chick now, is it motherfucker? is it! click boom
by boomshank June 01, 2004
verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
"Mack this shit!"
by cameron January 01, 2004
to flirt with an underclassman for the sole reason of getting some action. The underclassman involved almost always gets used.
The captain of the football team was macking on that freshman girl last night, bet he got laid.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
To tap a frisbee already in flight in such a way to increase the spin while possibly altering its direction, or to tap on the center of the bottom of the disc to boost it higher into the air while retaining spin.
We were playing ultimate and he hucked it to me, but he put it a couple yards short of the endzone so I macked it in and caught it and we won.
by Jeff Latz April 24, 2003
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